Sunday, 14 March 2010


david's thoughts

Its’ now just over a year since the Havana 9 all arrived back from Cuba. The two week delegation seemed to last a lifetime but still seemed to be over too fast.

I am 28 years old and the time I spent in Cuba accounts for 0.14% of my life but I miss Cuba as if I grew up there. So what do I miss?

I miss Eddie frantically flicking through his phrase book every time a Cuban said “Hola” to him.
I miss hearing a government official talking about wanting to help people and actually believing him!
I miss Bill and Steve reenacting ideological battles of bygone days between The Communist Party and Militant over a mountain of empty Bucanero cans.
I miss hearing about a country sending thousands of their men and women overseas to heal people rather than drop bombs on them.
I miss hearing Alison’s conspiracy theories about Cuban Secret Service Agents in Pinar Del Rio trying to spirit us away to a salsa bar.
I miss Danny’s talent for non verbal communication and fake photo shoots.
I miss hearing Social Workers being called “Doctors of the Soul”.
I miss David our translator laughing at us putting on Revolutionary hats and hiding among the potted plants for pictures.
I miss Morag’s obsession with geology and salsa.
I miss a country where local food growing cooperatives donate a part of their crop to local schools just because it’s the right thing to do.
I miss Landy, our other translator, bamboozling us with political questions about “What influence did Gramsci have in the formation of the SSP’s ideology?”
I miss the serenity of reverence of Che Guevara’s Memorial.
I miss trying to think of insightful questions about canned tomatoes.
I miss trying to learn Salsa (Remember Kevin! Uno, dos, tres, uno, dos, tres).
I miss the warmth and strength of the ordinary people we met at the CDR.
I miss the billboards, the Malecon, the rum, the cigars, the rum (did I already say that?),

I miss Cuba!!
David McClemont